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Why Choose Benjamin Moore Paints?


"Benjamin Moore's prime objective: first-class paint at all times. Better tomorrow than yesterday." - Warren Buffett, Chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway - (Berkshire owns Benjamin Moore Paints)

Looking for high-quality paint? Look no further than Benjamin Moore!


We create and manufacture our own resins and colorants to ensure that our paints provide unbeatable performance. Our proprietary ingredients are custom-formulated to optimize their performance in each product, giving you the best possible result. Choose Benjamin Moore for a truly superior painting experience.

Superior Performance of Benjamin Moore Coatings


At Benjamin Moore, we believe that every paint product should serve a specific purpose and deliver specific benefits. That's why we craft each of our coatings with a specific role in mind, ensuring superior performance in extraordinary application properties, durability, scrubbability, and longevity. From primers to finishes, each product is designed to perform and exceed expectations. Trust Benjamin Moore for coatings that not only look beautiful, but also stand the test of time.


Achieve Superior Quality and Performance with Benjamin Moore Paints


When it comes to paint, quality and performance are crucial. At Benjamin Moore, we understand this better than anyone, which is why we create and manufacture our own resins and colorants to ensure the best possible quality and performance. Our easy-to-apply products offer excellent coverage, saving you both time and money. Our low odor paints eliminate that lingering paint smell, providing a more pleasant painting experience. And our durable, washable, and scrub-able paints keep your walls looking like new for years to come. With Benjamin Moore, you can trust that every color delivers "oohs" and "aahs", making your space truly beautiful.

Working Smart and Green with Benjamin Moore


At Benjamin Moore, we take our responsibility to the environment seriously. That's why we've committed ourselves to developing products that minimize our impact on the planet. Years before government requirements, we eliminated lead, formaldehyde, and mercury from our paints and met VOC standards. But we didn't stop there.

Thanks to our Gennex colorant system with zero VOC content, our paints maintain zero or minimal VOC levels regardless of the color. In most other colorant systems, VOC levels can exceed 150 g/L in saturated colors after tinting. With our innovative technology, we're able to offer a range of colors without compromising on air quality or the environment. Choose Benjamin Moore for high-quality, environmentally friendly paints that you can feel good about using in your home or business.

More on Benjamin Moore's commitment to the environment here.

Our paint tinting technology Gennex is the most advanced in the paint industry.

Get Inspired and Supported with Benjamin Moore's


Color Samples

This allows you to take colors for a test drive, seeing how they will look in your space before you make a commitment. With our color samples, you can see how the colors will look on your walls, house, porch, or anywhere else you're planning to paint. You can ensure that you're satisfied with your color selection before picking up a brush. Trust our independent retailers to provide the inspiration and support you need for your painting project.


Get Inspired and Supported with Benjamin Moore's exclusive distributor in Spain, BM Decoracion España SL. We import all Benjamin Moore products directly from the official manufacturer in the USA, ensuring you receive authentic and high-quality paints. Our team also provides additional services such as product application and consultations for color selection, painting contractors and how to apply Benjamin Moore paint correctly.

Beware of counterfeits and always ask to see original cans!