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Our paint tinting technology Gennex is the most advanced in the paint industry.

"Benjamin Moore's prime objective: first-class paint at all times. Better tomorrow than yesterday." - Warren Buffett, Chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway - (Berkshire owns Benjamin Moore Paints)

The better the resins and colorants, the better the paint.

Benjamin Moore creates and manufactures its own resins - the binders that make the film and finish of a paint - and colorants - the pigments that give the paint its unique color and hiding characteristics. Then we take these proprietary ingredients and custom-formulate them to optimize their performance in each one of our products. This is a key component of our competitive advantage.

Each product is designed to perform 

Each product is designed to perform - crafted to serve a specific role, to deliver specific benefits. This is the secret behind the superior performance of Benjamin Moore coatings: extraordinary application properties, durability, scrubbability, and longevity.

Superior quality and performance:

The better the resins (binders that make the film and finish of paints) and colorants (the pigments that give the paint its unique color and hiding characteristics) the better quality and performance. Easy to apply products with coverage that saves time and moneyLow odor products without that lingering paint smell Paint that is durable, washable and scrub-able to keep walls in mint condition Color that unfailingly delivers "oohs" and "aahs"

Working smart and green:

We're committed to developing products that minimize our impact on the environment. Years before government requirements, we eliminated lead, formaldehyde, and mercury from our paints and met VOC standards.

More on Benjamin Moore's commitment to the environment here.

Support and inspiration:

Our independent retailers provide inspiration and support along with service and tools that give customers confidence about their product choices, color selections, and their ability to get the best results possible. The expertise, product wisdom, and store environment of our independent retailers ensure that you get the right product, right color, and right result.

Color Samples

Take color for a test drive. Don't just guess. Know what colors you're getting before you buy. Benjamin Moore Color Samples will show you how our colors will look on your walls, house, porch, or anywhere else you want new color. You can see the colors on their actual surfaces, and in the correct lighting conditions where you plan to paint. It is the best method to make sure you're satisfied with your color selection before picking up a brush.