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SCUFF-X the Benjamin Moore paint that will save you time and money.


Sure, we've all heard it: “time is money”, that's why at Benjamin Moore we want to present you today a truly innovative product in the world of paintings. This is SCUFF-X, the paint for professionals that will save you time and money.

Benjamin Moore's experts decided to carry out an experimental investigation and for this they worked with a real model to verify the results. Consequently they requested the collaboration of a clothing shop that applied SCUFF-X in its 18 very crowded fitting rooms.

And these are the reasons for what a professional painter will choose to buy SCUFF-X paint:

As for the price, if we compare the value of this product with similar on the market, it is apparently expensive. But be careful, it is expensive, only if you look at the cost of a litter of paint in isolation. But don't forget that «cheap is expensive». Let's see why.

The price of a litter of SCUFF-X paint is more expensive ( 26€ * p/l) than other similar paints on the market (5€ p/l). In this specific case that we are explaining, 61 litters were used in an area of 300 m2.

Regarding repainting, the surface painted with a conventional analogue product had to be repainted 3 times in 1 year, while with SCUFF-X paint only 1 time in the same period.

This gives us a result with respect to the materials of 915€ invested with a conventional paint and 1586€ with our product. 

If we take into account the labour, in both cases 1350€ was spent, but taking into account that with conventional paint it was necessary to repaint 3 times in a year and with SCUFF-X only 1, the labour ended up costing 4050€ using a conventional paint and 1350€ with ours. After 3 years, the investment made in paint yielded a result of 14 895€ (with conventional paint) and 8808€ (with SCUFF-X paint).

In other words, using Benjamin Moore's professional paint, it was possible TO SAVE 6,087€.


And the reason for this result is that:


While our SCUFF-X paint resists scratches and has long durability, conventional latex paints lose their properties quickly, which will require a lot of time and money to be spent on maintenance.

Another quality of SCUFF-X paint is that once applied we do not need to wait a long time for it to dry - as happens with other paints -, which allows to quickly restart activities. Due to its benefits and its proven quality, SCUFF - X professional paint is ideal to be applied to large surfaces or highly visited places.

Surely you will no longer have doubts as to why SCUFF-X is the paint of choice for professional painters: better than other similar paints on the market, and the one that saves us the most time

After all: time is capital - invest it wisely!


Need more information about Ultra Spec® SCUFF-X®? Click here.