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Color of the year 2021


The current exceptional times we live in have shown us that the home is much more than a place where we seek refuge or the sum of architectural elements; we have rediscovered that the home is synonymous with comfort and design, an extension of ourselves.

A well-lit dining room area with walls painted in Aegean Teal 2136-40.

And on this path back to nature, the designers have taught us a vital lesson: colours are essential. They have the ability to radiate warmth and well-being, and we have also learned that interior design is not superfluous at all.

Because of that, no one can be surprised that the colour of the year 2021 selected by Benjamin Moore is Aegean Teal 2136 - 40, an intriguing, balanced, extremely relaxing, but optimistic colour at the same time. A colour that is able to combine natural harmony with the most professional interior design. 

White vases and greenery on a table in front of a wall in Aegean Teal 2136-40.

Even though Benjamin Moore's 2021 colour of the Year pick began before the pandemic, it seems to have been a true prophecy that Andrea Magno, the company's director of colour marketing and development, was inspired by the well-being that this colour evokes at the time of your choice.

Benjamin Moore's team decided on this colour after a long process of research and work. The expert designers were impressed by the natural hues, the handcrafted textile pieces, the beauty of the imperfection and the organic hues. And although there were several colours that caught their attention, the balanced and relaxing virtue in the Aegean Teal managed to prevail as it was a medium-tone colour with great presence.

In this regard, the Team leader noted: “I feel that the palette speaks of this current moment, as well as the year that is coming, in the fact that we are observing things from a different perspective, in which we are finding happiness in simple moments throughout the day, and this may be related to colour”.

Versatility is another attribute that makes the Aegean Teal so desired among design professionals. It can be perfectly combined with the other 11 shades of the 2021 colour palette. It is also an ideal colour to introduce into carpentry and joinery. In the words of Benjamin Moore's Marketing Director, "Aegean Teal complements and enhances the other trending colours in the 2021 palette, as it unites warm and cool tones thanks to its harmonious nature." The collection includes buttery yellows, creamy off-white, and deep earthy tones that blend seamlessly with the cool tones of Aegean Teal.

At Benjamin Moore you can not only buy this exceptional colour of the year 2021, but a whole range of spectacular shades, professional paints of the highest quality and interior design accessories always with the guarantee of a leading companies in the market.

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